Th. Renaudot

A man and his time

Théophraste Renaudot was born at the end of the year 1586 in Loudun. After having studied surgery in Paris, Théophraste Renaudot registered in the faculty of Montpellier. As he was a protestant, he wasn’t allowed to prepare his degree in Paris. In 1606, just before 20 years old, he graduated and put on the cap of doctor of medicine. After many journey through Europe, he came back to Loudun.

In his native town, he was a successful doctor whose fame spread all around. He prepared a medicine: the “Polychreston”. “Père Joseph du Tremblay” struck up a friendship with this outstanding man and introduced him to Cardinal Richelieu. Théophraste Renaudot became one of the “médecins ordinaires” of the king who, equally, appointed him as “Commissaire Général des Pauvres du Royaume” in 1612.

In the Calander’s street in Paris, he created an information office dealing with sales, purchases and employment: the “Bureau d’Adresses et de Rencontres”.
Later, he founded a pawn-shop which was to become our present “Mont de Piété”. Then, he opened a centre of “Consultations Charitables” (free medical consultation for Poor).
Finally, in the early of May 30th 1631, the first issue of the “Gazette” came out of the Calender’s street.

After nominated king’s historiographer, he lived at the Louvre where he died in 1653.

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